For the love of tea parties

tea par·ty

A social gathering in the afternoon at which tea, cakes, and other light refreshments are served.

Once upon a time, I read Lewis Carroll’s Alice in Wonderland, and therein began a love affair with books, escapism, and tea parties. Fast forward a few years and those passions are still strong; bolstered by a love of cooking, entertaining, and the things I’ve learnt along the way.

Through White rabbits and hungry habits, I’ll be sharing my tips for hosting the perfect tea party (drawing inspiration from Angel Adoree’s The Vintage Tea Party book), bringing you my favourite recipes (from rose Victoria sponge, to my signature Oreo cookie cake), and rustling up some of my most beloved cocktails.

But it’s not all tea and cake – my passion for food transcends occasion, tradition, and geography, and next week, I’ll be travelling to Italy for inspiration and brand new recipes.

So Stay tuned, and carry on cooking.


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