How to make liqueur coffee, Tia Maria style

Perfect winter tipple

Until a few years ago, I was adamant that I didn’t like coffee. To me, the flavour was an oxymoronic compound of something bland, yet entirely overpowering. That’s until I discovered coffee in its many guises, and my love affair with espressos, mochas, iced coffees, and espresso martinis began. I also discovered that on a cold, wintery night, there was nothing so warming — or quite so satisfying — as a liqueur coffee.

It took me a while to discover the joy of adding cream to this tipple, and when I first dusted it with a light sprinkling of demerara sugar, my perfect winter warmer was complete.

I always give into the lure of Tia Maria, but you can substitute this for Baileys or Cointreau. Whichever liqueur you opt for, you’ll be left with a velvety softness that’s perfect as an evening pick me up, or even as a sore throat soother (any excuse).

You’ll need

  • Coffee liqueur glass
  • One shot of your chosen liqueur
  • Freshly percolated coffee
  • Cream for pouring
  • Demerara sugar

Make the magic happen

  1. Warm your glass by filling it with hot water, then draining and drying
  2. Add a shot of your chosen liqueur, along with ½ tsp of demerara sugar (this can of course be adjusted to suit your own sweet tooth)
  3. Fill your glass with the freshly percolated coffee, leaving 2-3cm at the top, then stir to dissolve the sugar
  4. Slowly pour the cream into your glass over the back of a teaspoon, so that it floats — whatever you do, don’t stir it
  5. Sprinkle with a little more demerara sugar, and enjoy

Love Emma xx


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